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Family Therapy
Mental Health Issues
Depression & Anxiety


CHINS provides counseling for children from age 2 to 18 and their families, who are having problems at home or school, including problems associated with divorce, abuse, trauma, aggressive behavior, anxieties, fear or social problems. Through early intervention, CHINS counselors help families resolve conflicts, prevent further problems from developing and help re-establish good family relationships. CHINS counselors utilize Play Therapy in working with younger children, which is the preferred approach for children ages 2-8.


CHINS works with our most vulnerable children through our Infant Mental Health (IMH) Services. IMH works with families early to ensure children birth through five have the necessary supports to make sure they thrive mentally and emotionally.

When families work with an OMH Counselor, it can help prevent more serious issues later in a child’s life and even into adulthood.

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